No MORE EXAMS for the time being till NOV

Finally done with my exams, cleared 28 papers and i'm left with 2 more papers and a sickening FYP = Final year project ( i think it should be called Final year Punishment instead!) I can imgaine how i'll be tortured during the process of writing the wordy report.

Well at the moment i just want to alleviate and relieve my body stress before i get tormented by the Final year Punishment!
I spend my weekends letting my brain rot, looking at the piles of exam notes left on my table and wondering if i should bin it. (the question is what if i fail for the papers, i will definately regret dumping all my notes into the the rubbish chute.) Hahaha knowing that i'm a unconfident student i concluded that i ought to keep those notes.

Anyway i had my room clean up, i've mastered through my huge pile of unfolded clothes as well as the books that was piled up on my floor. I'm just glad it's finally over though I know the cleanliness of my room won't last for long but at least it is ALL CLEAN NOW MUHAHAHAH!

Heard this song from Jamie's Glee album and i so wanted to learn it on piano!
Sunday, August 1, 2010