No MORE EXAMS for the time being till NOV

Finally done with my exams, cleared 28 papers and i'm left with 2 more papers and a sickening FYP = Final year project ( i think it should be called Final year Punishment instead!) I can imgaine how i'll be tortured during the process of writing the wordy report.

Well at the moment i just want to alleviate and relieve my body stress before i get tormented by the Final year Punishment!
I spend my weekends letting my brain rot, looking at the piles of exam notes left on my table and wondering if i should bin it. (the question is what if i fail for the papers, i will definately regret dumping all my notes into the the rubbish chute.) Hahaha knowing that i'm a unconfident student i concluded that i ought to keep those notes.

Anyway i had my room clean up, i've mastered through my huge pile of unfolded clothes as well as the books that was piled up on my floor. I'm just glad it's finally over though I know the cleanliness of my room won't last for long but at least it is ALL CLEAN NOW MUHAHAHAH!

Heard this song from Jamie's Glee album and i so wanted to learn it on piano!
Sunday, August 1, 2010

Canon Rock Ver. Piano

Awesome! Where can i find the music sheet for Canon Rock piano??? been searching online for hours but seems to have no luck..!
Sunday, November 29, 2009

Michael Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First

Michael Nyman (born 23rd March 1944, Stratford, London) ARIES!
Famous minimalist composer, pianist, librettist, writer, musicologist, photographer and film-maker .(what a talented Man, So proud to be an Aries too.)
Erm ok.. i was wondering what a minimalist composer is, i finally understand the term after searching the web.

There you go...
The word "minimalism" was first used in relation to music in 1968 by Michael Nyman in a review of Cornelius Cardew's piece The Great Digest.

The idea of minimalism is much larger than most people realize. It includes, by definition, any music that works with limited or minimal materials: pieces that use only a few notes, pieces that use only a few words of text, or pieces written for very limited instruments, such as antique cymbals, bicycle wheels, or whiskey glasses. It includes pieces that sustain one basic electronic rumble for a long time. It includes pieces made exclusively from recordings of rivers and streams. It includes pieces that move in endless circles. It includes pieces that set up an unmoving wall of saxophone sound. It includes pieces that take a very long time to move gradually from one kind of music to another kind. It includes pieces that permit all possible pitches, as long as they fall between C and D. It includes pieces that slow the tempo down to two or three notes per minute.

I fell in love with this song (The Heart Ask pleasure first, Theme from The Piano) and was totally captivated by the melody. Knowing myself that i'm a Grade Zero player and i'm really bad at reading scores, It is really way out of my depth to master this song. For 5 mins, I was staring at the music sheet in despair, ("shake head, why sooo difficult!" ) well there's always a way out, i could just memorize the keys and fingerings and stored it in my music-memory bank! All thanks to the 泡参that mum prepares for me every morning it increases and regains back my memory that i've been lacking for years!
Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maksim is having a concert in Singapore!

Croatian Rhapsody

Child in Paradise

HAIZ its a shame that i can't go for the concert . the damn date falls on my exam week!
So Missy J these are two of my favourite songs by Maksim. He is really Amazing right??? ok i bet you are going to say that.. "OG loves choir songs, there's only one sentence throughout the whole song" Beware.. you're going to be like me soon.
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Souvenirs D'enfance - Paul de Senneville

Ah ya this little boy can play so well..! found this clip on You Tube. Oki it is just so happen that i've the music score ( must have downloaded from some music site)heheh and yess i've decided to learn this song.
Erm before you start wondering why am i still on such a easy piece.. i've to justify, "To all painist out there..i'm still a beginner (Self taught hehe) and i've been playing for not more than 3 years"

OK first part of the song was a success, i manage to get it right after few hours of practice. BUTTT i am now stuck when it comes to the long arpeggios (that you have to play the keys in a roll, running simultaneously in the two hands.) DAMN i've to admit i'm a "OG" (Old Gal) fingers are so stiff! It is so difficult to hit the keys fast and accurately! All i can say is to keep on practicing..and i hope i don't get all my fingers cramp!
Sunday, October 4, 2009


Really love this song ermm i guess i'll need years to master this piece. ..No simplified version???
Friday, August 21, 2009